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Thirasia: Local Products

It would be a great omission to leave Thirasia without having tried its tasty treasure. The volcanic ground of the island and the dry and hot climate give certain unique in flavour dry products: small tomatoes, round zucchini, fava (“the mixed” fava with thrimpa and capers is an imperative). The local green cheese and sun dried “psarolia” are amazingly tasty titbits.Housewives of Thirasia make the marvellous desert “sykamnoglyko” from black berries.In weddings they prepare the traditional sugarplum from almond and thyme honey, and on Easter they serve the “melitinia” sweets, from fresh mizithra cheese, a unique Cycladic tasty experience!

The white varieties of wine such as Athiri, Aidani and Asyrtiko, give to this difficult to cultivate ecosystem, grapes of extreme capacity, which become wines with world fame and character. If the grapes are set to dry for 10 days on the terraces, they will yield the “liasto” wine known as Vinsanto (Vino di Santorini). From the red Mandilaria and Mavrotragano varieties, we get wines with rich flavour and dark colour.
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