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One of the most characteristic islands of the Cycladic islands, Sifnos is found in the centre of a conceivable triangle marked by the islands Serifos, Kimolos and Antiparos.

Sifnos is the island of harmony: Its whitewashed settlements fit with its natural landscape, its coasts create picturesque bays, creeks and windless sandy beaches, old churches and monasteries are combined harmoniously with the Venetian Kastro and its ancient towers. Wise cultivation of the ground gives pure local products of exceptional quality. The art of clay, the hospitality and the feasts of residents compose a harmonious total that fascinates and charms each traveller. Sifnos is not simply an island with beautiful nature. Its history is of many centuries, its culture appreciable, while inalterable old traditions and customs which have roots in the ancient years are still maintained today. Moreover, the island has an important intellectual tradition, since it was the homeland of eminent poets, such as A. Proveleggios, Ant. Prokos, St. Sprantsa, I. Gruparis etc.

Sifnos belongs in western Cyclades, has an extent of 74 square kilometres and 70 kilometres length of coasts. Its capital is Apollonia, built amphitheatrically on three hills in the central part of the island, a beautiful settlement with paved streets, white cubic houses and picturesque churches with elaborate belfries and white or light blue domes, which shine under the “apollonian” light of the Aegean. Apollonia constitutes an almost single cluster with another six traditional settlements - a built -up phenomenon that we do not meet in any other island of the Cyclades.The pedestrian street of Artemonas reaches to Katavati, after it passes from Ano Petali and Apollonia (route 1), while the settlements of Agios Loukas, Exampela and Kato Petali are also connected with a paved road (route 3).

Walking, is an exceptional way for the visitor to get to know the villages of Sifnos, but also its landscape, with characteristic “themonies” - small farm houses scattered in all the island and escalations with olive groves and forests from cedars and oaks. The part of the island from Profitis Ilias and up to the western coasts is a region with many sources that stays green even during summer.

Simultaneously the walk will reveal to the visitor, a cultural wealth of many centuries: from the prehistoric citadels and the ancient towers (at least 55 towers have been recorded in Sifnos -“fryktories” from the 6th up to 3rd century B.C.) up to the admirable art of clay (ceramics) of the modern period.
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