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In the centre of the sea roads of the Aegean Sea, there is a big island, with imposing mountainous volumes and fertile valleys, which is inhabited by charming people, with a tradition in music and dance. This is Naxos, an island full of beauties that will enchant its visitors.

With an extent of 448 sq. kilometres and 20.000 residents, Naxos is the biggest and most fertile island of the Cyclades. Long-lasting history, important monuments and intense tourist life, render it unique among the other Cycladic islands. No matter how many days your visit lasts in Naxos, there will always be hidden corners for you to discover, beaches that you will not have visited, towers and castles that you will not have managed to see and traditional settlements unvisited yet.

In the market of Hora the visitor will find all the local products, traditional art (garments, baskets, and ceramics), jewellery, and many restaurants to taste the rich local dishes. In the well known beaches of the south-western coast, with kilometres of golden sandy coasts, you will enjoy the sun and the sea. As long as for night entertainment, there are places for each age and preference in Hora.

Apart from the beaches and sights, Naxos is famous for its mountainous villages, diamonds of traditional architecture, local customs and authentic hospitality.

The impressive alternations of landscape in combination with the possibilities that the island offers for all kinds of activity, render Naxos an island that covers needs and wishes of  every visitor.
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