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With difficulty can anyone imagine that at a such close distance from bustling Athens, we find an island with so many natural talents, rich traditions and authentic hospitality, as Kea. By reaching the harbour of the island by boat, the visitor enters in a different world, leaving modern life behind, without being deprived of any facilities. The visitor will find the “gate of the Cyclades” Kea or Tzia, an ancient crossroad of cultures in the Aegean Sea, a picturesque island with unique natural landscapes and sights.

For hikers, Kea is a paradise. Paths of total length of 36 kilometres, 65% of them are paved, run through dreamy routes through dense forests with oaks and lead to beautiful isolated beaches.

However, it is not only the lovers of nature who will find in Kea the ideal place for their tours: Friends of original tradition, legends and fairy tales will discover their own paradise, an island of fairy tales, that assembles each summer (in a big meeting), narrators from all over the world.

With a surface of 131 sq. km and total length of coasts of 86 km, Kea is one of the biggest Cycladic islands. It is mainly a mountainous island with certain fertile regions with abundant water, fertile plateaux and valleys. The highest mountain of the island is the Profitis Ilias with an altitude of 568 m. In the northern part of the island lies the gulf of Agios Nikolaos, main harbour of the island.

Kea has fanatic admirers, since it maintains its traditional character and charms its visitors with its beautiful settlements, its appreciable archaeological sites, its spotless beaches, the rare for a Cycladic island forests of oak, but mainly with its hospitable residents. Hora of Kea is Ioulida, a beautiful traditional settlement built amphitheatrically on the side of a hill, with  a Venetian castle from the 13th century dominating on the top.
Kea Map